& well now the sun ain't shining no more

Well now the sun ain’t shining no more,
I don’t know why but I’ve seen it before.
Ain’t got no joy no man to lean on,
He leaves my soul on the floor like a doll.

He was young, he was hot,
he made me feel alive.
so in love I was falling,
ooh, it’s early morning.

the asteroids galaxy tour - the sun ain't shining no more

soooo remember my birthday gift to myself? my alexander wang? it finally came and definitely doubles as a weight. it's ridiculously heavy but i love it nonetheless. my arm was pretty sore after shopping with it. maybe now i'll actually be able to lift 5 lb boxes at work without heeling over.

when the next three days are over, i'll finally be a free woman. can't wait to go to the beach. i need some vitamin d. i think my knees are giving out. sign of rickets? please no.

on a side note... don't you ever wonder what people carry in their purses? yes i'm nosy. but it always intrigues me. i've seen people whip out the craziest shizz from their bags...



urban outfitters pants/converse shoes/urban outfitters top/vintage fur vest/alexander wang bag



after taking this... i realized how incredibly paranoid and overly prepared i am. i carry two pairs of sunglasses, two cameras, two flash drives, and two ipods on top of my rebecca minkoff coin purse which has now been replaced with a real wallet, mac mascara, my sd card reader, my amazing grace hope perfume, a pen, and of course... keys. and a tampon which i chose not to photog for the sake of others. unused of course.

needless to say i have since removed one camera, one pair of sunnies, and one ipod.





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