photography: nik sarac 
jewelry & shoes: vinca usa

how sick are my cali studs? not to mention my neck tail? yeah.

happy friday!

my eloquence isn't quite at it's best today. i'll try harder next time.

xo jenny


work hard stay humble

photography: nik sarac

name necklace: maki yang 
star necklace & t shirt (muses & rebels): here & here 
iphone case: mantrastyle 
bracelets: sewsephine // muses & rebels
ring: gorjana

as you may, or probably don't know, this weekend is chinese new year. kind of a big deal for my culture. yes i know i identify with my vietnamese side. but fyi, both countries celebrate chinese new year. it's ok. don't beat yourself up.

this past year i've had the pleasure of working with so many great brands and labels and i'm so thankful for all their support. i've always been an accessories girl and i'm absolutely dying over sewsephine's fantastic wrap bracelets that are perfectly priced. basically, buy more. and layer it up.

maki sent me this necklace a few months ago and i have trouble taking it off. it's amazing. and she is simply the sweetest.

i'm a huge believer in eco friendly practices and sustainability so i was stoked when i found mantrastyle. you can even upload your own design! plus grace is the sweetest.

check out these designs. you won't regret it.

and happy freaking chinese new year. may you live long and prosper.

now give me mah money.

xo jenny

ps, the t-shirt in this post will be part of my muses & rebels giveaway. stay tuned!


lost photos

photography: nik sarac

i feel like as i try to clean up my computer's hard drive, i realize how many photos got lost in the shuffle when my blog went on hiatus. well since i've been swamped with work and extra curricular and shooting has been a bit minimal these days, i figured i'd go back into my archives and post what i'll refer to as "the lost photos."

forgive me for my ever changing hair length and color. just as a frame of reference, my hair's lifespan is as follows.
1. long and dark brown
2. long and ombre
3 short and ombre
4. short and dark brown

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! ps, how orgasmic was the DC3 reunion at the super bowl? um. i. died.