vs fashion show 2011

it's that time of year again... the annual victoria's secret fashion show! quite possibly my most look forwarded to fashion show of the year. sorry mr wang. you're second. very quick recap as my ego can't handle too many stunning women on the same page as me...

favorite part? that whole cultural-ethnic inspired segment with alessandra dressed as a spanish fan.

although this show was very effectively made me feel like a chubby troll, it still doesn't beat the first show i ever watched with my angel idols gracing the runway. i miss the era of gisele-tyra-heidi-karolina-adriana-alessandra as the superangels. although my favorite will always be adriana lima. i'm not going to rave about her too much as i'll come off as rather creepy. also, karlie kloss made her VS angel debut. although i do like her as a waif model, i'm not a fan of her or chanel iman as VS angels. they're so... not... curvy... i guess they're a true testament to that miracle push-up bra... nonetheless, please see the below videos for my favorite VS fashion show to date. it's the whole show. my favorite is gisele walking to "i like the way you move" by the bodyrockers. perfect.

for more images from this year's show (and all previous years), go here.



hot pink blazin

photos: nik

blazer: ark & co
top: angl
shorts: UO
wedges: steven by steve madden
jewelries: chan luu

evidently i'm planning on sticking with the blazer loving. i'm in love with the blindingly pink blazer. it's actually pretty perfect over very simple basics. faux leather shorts. simple ivory blouses. and of course, the golden touch: my snakeskin steve madden wedges. perfect pop and polish to one of my most basic uniforms.

yesterday was incredibly inspiring. nik and i got to meet wendy from wendy's lookbook.
she's one of my lifestyle idols. her contagious personality makes me want to rethink my sarcasm and quick temper. also, seeing her translate her vision into a reality is truly captivating. check out her blog. and her amazing youtube channel!

and yes. that is my iphone. with a bunny poof. iLove.



motel dress and boyfriend blazer

dress: motel
boyfriend blazer: urban outfitters
booties: sam edelman "zoyla"

hope everyone had a successfully fattening thanksgiving. the above photos were taken sometime the week before thanksgiving. my mild obsession with blazers is beginning to manifest. this weekend alone, i bought a white blazer and a silver blazer.

i now successfully own 3 black ones, a white one, a hot pink one, a beige one, a beige with black collars one, a bright blue one, and a silver one... they're classics right? wardrobe stables? where can i find a sequined one?! oh and my kate spade case came! iphone is effectively pimped out.

here are a few snapshots from my past weekend:

christmas tree outside the antelope valley mall. i love the holidays. :)

this is my grandma. mom's mom. isn't she the cutest?

came home to my diplomas professionally mounted. thanks momma :)

3 generations of strength.

my few flats from forever 21. after walking into pretty much everything, every stud still happily in place. successful sixteen dollars spent.

and finally, happy 6 months! <3



fisheye 2

My new toy. Still working on reading the manual... Oh boy.


christmas tree 2011

dinner with nancy at mcafe... we really like vegan cuisine.
she got the 3 salad combo... kale with spicy peanut sauce, wasabi potato salad, and some kind of tabbouleh?

me dessert was better though. strawberry shortcake.
her rice pudding was a no-no.

the ly apartment's christmas tree is sponsored by target. $60 :)

family photo! with my candy cane socks.

this photo is the epitome of our relationship.


nancy and i walked to m cafe last night for a wonderful dinner. spotted: tarina tarantino with her hubs and brood. my bi bim bop bowl was delicious as always... only after i meticulously removed each and every shitake mushroom and the giant stock of chinese broccoli.

finally put up our 4 feet christmas tree. it's gorg. can't wait to pick secret santas with the group on sunday. happy early thanksgiving! can't wait to go home to palmdale and spend some quality time with the rents.



fast five 11.22.11

current obsession: knitted sweaters over faux leather leggings.

sorta kinda managed to get that glitter blasted manicure look from last week.

love the holiday season mainly because of the seasonal beverages. particularly, the winter dream tea latte from coffee bean. i bought my own kit so i can have it anytime i want.

today's lunch? mac & cheese with soy cheese and black olives.

and of course, our annual turkey bucks at work.


free people party

top: free people
boots: free people
jeans: forever 21
jacket : muubaa

i go back and forth with my love and obsession with free people. sometimes, i'm a little turned off by the overly world traveler vibe but mostly, i'm pretty entranced by their impeccable use of lace and mix of leather with ethnic prints. and another thing, they've mastered the art of layering clothing, something i definitely need to take notes on.

today is dr. ly's only day off so we will be putting up our christmas tree in our apartment :) excited is a bit of an understatement.



the weekend before thanksgiving

as i have now discovered the beauty of my iPhone 4s's 8mp camera, i shall be taking lots more photos that i can seamlessly post via blogger's app. here are a few snapshots from this weekend's affairs.

tropical smoothie

best brownish looking bread. ever.

favorite pasta from cheesecake factory

chicken marsala with extra mushrooms

our ice cream cone holiday card

the grove's giant tree

i'm so light skinned next to all of the filipinos

i bought these babies last year and have every intention of buying a few more pairs. they're so cute and cozy!

FIDM Alumni Dinner - Mad Men themed

group photo! big sister, boyf, besty (my threebees)

the real love of my life.

you don't even know how much joy this little harp seal brings me.

friday night - dinner with some friends at sushi mac, activated new iphone, half & half tea house with the three bees. snoozed to new moon playing in the background while marc watched happily.

saturday - woke up at 6 am and played with iphone. cleaned room to eclipse playing in the background while marc watched happily. lunch with marc @ cheesecake factory. breaking dawn with lauren, randy, and marc. alumni dinner with the three bees.

sunday - gym. watched movies peacefully at home. rained almost all day. went to family party with parents and swissy where i awkwardly devoured more than my share of fried rice and chicken wings. both of which i do not have a liking for. i'm compulsive. half & half tea house with swissy.

alumni dinner was great. though i expected a bit more, as did nik . really awesome being able to reunite with a bunch of familiar faces. also got appropriately excited over the photobooth and took home 6 strips... i wore a juicy couture velvet corset dress and pour la victoire mary jane pumps.

definitely my favorite of the twilight movies. had wit and the story moved much faster than the previous ones. second favorite soundtrack. the original soundtrack was best.

my obsession with boba is becoming lethal and i'm scared.