bikini top bras

top: rubbish @nordstrom
pants: h&m
"bra": one teaspoon
heels: jessica simpson dany
jacket: banana republic

since i sacrificed 110 small fries for that one teaspoon bikini, i figured i'd maximize it's wearing potential by also using it as a bra. since i hate real bras anyways... long story about feeling fat and top heavy... i figured i would use the top as a bra. i love love love the cut outs and the tank top showed just enough of the cut outs. perfection.

post work, sister nancy, boyf marc, best nik, and myself went on our weekly vegancapades. this particular time, we chose flore in los feliz/silverlake area.

marc's mushroom sliders and soup

nik's "BLT"

nancy & i each ordered southwest quesadilla.

across the street is this amazing gelato place that has very unique flavors. i got thai tea, brown sugared bacon vanilla, and earl grey. writing about it makes my mouth salivate. mmm.

have a happy weekend!



dress: LF stores
blazer: kaitlyn
shoes: Michael Kors

my french onion soup @ LA prime.

i wasn't feeling the photography today as i wasn't in any mood to have my picture taken. buttt i really love the deep royal blue color of this dress and thus took a few snapshots anyways. sometimes the most shapeless things actually look the best. this dress resembles a tent with no fit but it works as a loose poncho-like dress.

1 day til halloween horror nights
2 days til LA county fair
8 days til vegas trip #1
15 days til vegas trip #2



orange + fringe

skirt: lf stores
tank: style stalker
leather jacket: banana republic
shoes: steve madden
bag: chanel

bad hair day = side braid and bangs clipped away from face.

i'm not normally into warm colors... particularly orange. but this skirt was screaming my name, princess jenny! so how could i not? i'm determined to wear it through fall.

i love leather jackets and i'm convinced they go with everything. they add just the perfect amount of edgy to anything. i have leather jackets in every color but black. wtheck? although my faux leather one from H&M is serving as a solid stand in until i get a real leather jacket. i have to lash out somewhere. all this vegan cuisine is turning me into an animal killer in a different way :(

happy 4th bebe. thank you times a thousand and then some. this weekend is going to be amazing! halloween horror nights at universal studios hollywood friday night then los angeles county fair saturday. also, i guess it's time for me to finally dress up for halloween... something slutty? as per every other girl my age? or possibly a pea pod. i've always thought those were adorable... for small children.



tiers of lace

skirt: chan luu
sweater: piko
shoes: steve madden grettta
bag: henri bendel

cropped sweaters + high waisted skirts (in my case half a wedding dress). regardless, i love the light colors that make me feel very ethereal. looking at the pictures of my hair, it appears that the length didn't change at all although i know for a fact that he cut at least 5 inches off!

my topshop shoes FINALLY came today. seriously though... it'd be faster if you just flew to NY and bought the shoes and flew back. this royal mail is a pain. 3.5 weeks. tragedy. nonetheless, i still think topshop makes some sick shoes. my faves:

ahh yes. shoegasm.



give me gold

top, gold shirt, skirt: angl
necklace: chan luu
shoes: jessica simpson

who knew that i'd grow up loving gold. maybe it's a natural progression. i'm also a diamond lover... maybe it's a girl thing.

nonetheless, gold pretty much goes with everything! zara has some amazing pieces that are on trend.

also, it never hurts to throw on a massive gold plated agate necklace a la serena van der woodsen from gossip girl.



how to wear a wrap bracelet

as part of our attempt to be more personable, i get to make candid videos for work. this is my first one! in case you don't already know... i work for Chan Luu and she's incredibly famous for her wrap bracelets. some people struggle with how to wrap the bracelet so i made a quick tutorial for work!

i often forget just how loud LA is. i was quickly reminded by the constant and unintentional bleeping of my words.thank you metro!

jacket & leggings: style stalker
top: mink pink
mustache necklace: nineties child
shoes: MIA limited edition - LF

i've always wanted a mustache necklace. this one is fuzzy! i'm pretty obsessed with clothing that's cut out and so forth. hence the jacket and leggings.

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! it's almost october. be afraid.



high low maxi skirts

top: piko
skirt: angl
shoes: jessica simpson pai
bag: chanel
jewels: nineties child necklace, chan luu bracelets

photos taken by this brick wall generally mean i just dropped off a ton of stuff to ship out from selling my closet on ebay. this wall is part of the post office. not exactly a riveting detail i know.

i've really been digging the maxi skirt trend. yes me. the one who likes the shortest of skirts.
i especially like cropped tops with high waisted skirts. pretty pretty.Link

a few really pretty ones i like...