weekend wanderings

happy last day of 2012. i've honestly never been more excited for a year to end. i guess my only reflection on this year is that i've grown tremendously as a person; most of my lessons learned the hard way. regardless, i'm pretty excited for the new year and as per typical, i have a few resolutions in mind. most are personal but a few i don't mind sharing.

1. read more (actual books with more words than pictures).
2. stop donating money to the gym. (i.e. actually go.)
3. eat healthier (within reason. girl needs her tacos - yo).
4. live my life anchored - is the shirt not obvious? 

ps, check out the printed palette's online shop. seriously the cutest printed tees with a relaxed socal vibe.

this past weekend i went hiking  - though i'm not sure you can really call it that. it had just rained and my sister and dad have wild ideas about what's is normal for outdoor activity. if you can't already tell from my shoes, it was a lot more like sloshing through the mud than it was hiking. i'm really sorry stella mccartney. i royally ruined my sneakers. boo. but frankly, the memories are worth it (so i keep saying to myself).

i hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year!

xo jenny


goddess by way of peru

photography: nik sarac

dress: meghan LA
headpiece: small village in peru
bracelets: here & here & here & more elsewhere

 i've endured some strange conditions to get the perfect shot, well perfect in our [me & nik's] eyes. but i must say, lying on top of a 6 inch wide wall ranks pretty highly on the scale of discomfort. not to mention, said wall was wavering a pretty fine line between weathered and moldy. not so bad if you don't mine possible back and buttocks splinters too, i suppose. 

when i bought the headpiece, the lady said i looked like a goddess. she either knew how to sell me things i clearly do not need. or she was being honest. likely the first one. nonetheless, i do love how intricate the headpiece is. added points for being made in peru by artisans. although, it seems everything lately is "handmade by artisans." ponder that.

xo jenny


velvet & chains

photography: nik sarac

dress & cardigan: nightcap clothing

along with my affinity for all things studded and spiked and distressed comes by strong attraction to anything with back detailing. backless works too. 

nightcap clothing is better known for their lace dresses as made famous by starlets like ashley tisdale. being the odd one out, i fell in love with their velvet & chain dress. i typically hate anything velvet because it always hugs all the wrong places and i'm still against spanx. this dress hugs only some of the wrong places so it works for me. 

hope everyone has a fantastic christmas! to sum mine up in a few hashtags...
1. #subwayfobreakfast
2. #lotsofdriving (total distance traveled in 1 day... 243 miles)
3. #vietnameseforlunch
4. #yogurtlandfordinner
5. #iwouldnthaveitanyotherway

also - #whydidntanyonerecognizeme

xo jenny


my best friend's home

dress: for love and lemons
shoes: jeffrey campbell

photography: nik sarac

monterey, ca - how did i never know about this place?! i mean figuratively of course. the scenic view is unreal. i so desperately want to spend an entire day just staring at the ocean view. 

xo jenny


san diego by night

photography: nik sarac

it would be a dream come true if i could wear hoodies and bikini bottoms all day. too bad it's actually getting colder in LA now and i'm required to wear real bottoms; both by law and by nature. nonetheless, i enjoyed teetering the line between socal cool and half-naked blasphemy. 

by the way, how sick are the sleeves on this hoodie? hand embroidered by artisans. and a horn for a zipper? the fashion equivalent to a cherry on top. so to speak.

xo jenny


hearts.com - 12 days of giveaways

one of my favorite new sites, Hearts, is kicking off their 12 days of giveaways. you can enter now by clicking here.

the mission of their site is to change consumerism by creating opportunities to give back to communities and artisans. they not only employ struggling workers in 17 countries (and growing) but they also promote and practice sustainability.

my favorite piece is definitely this necklace made from recycled bomb material in the Laos. this piece definitely hits closer to home. during the Vietnam War, the United States army continuously bombed the country of Laos in an attempt to destroy any North Vietnamese Army. a third of these bombs did not detonate.

post-war, the country struggles to rebuild because these bombs will explode when the farmers attempt to cultivate their land.

check out their site for more amazing pieces and be sure to enter their sweepstakes!

xo jenny


made in manhattan [beach]


photography: nik sarac

top & skirt: brandy melville // bag: henri bendel // heels: sam edelman // hat: forever 21 // jacket: nasty gal

a skirt with two ridiculously high slits; what's not to love?
so much so that i have it in another color. sadly i'm going to freeze considering the weather is actually dropping in los angeles. and we all know anything below a toasty 80 degrees is uncomfortable for me.

these photos were taken at the border of redondo and manhattan beach. california palms in tow.

xo jenny


you took something perfect and painted it red

photography: nik sarac

i've never been a fan of red. but these photos turned out way cool. nik & i literally just used a red lightbulb and voila. well, i'm sure there's more to it. he IS a genius.

i don't think i've ever worn so much eye make up. and although it was meant to look extreme for costume purposes, i'm kind of liking the way it turned out. maybe i'll incorporate it into my daily make up routine. but that would cut into my sleep time. #firstworldproblems. plus i'm not sure i can afford to use that much liquid liner on a daily basis.

xo jenny


breakfast in bed

photography: nik sarac

not quite the breakfast in bed i'd always imagined but good enough.

i'm kind of obsessed with making references that require some knowledge of the subject at hand. so this top was perfect. joe frazier vs cassius clay. on point. but for the record, i only really watch manny pacuiao.

knee high socks are my favorite. and i'm pretty convinced i need these ones.

xo jenny


bright lights in the big city

bikini: tvk x pacsun 

photography: nik sarac

this shoot was done at the peak of my sleep deprivation. and nik's too. apparently that's just the right mix to produce a photo vogue worthy image.

tavik swimwear did a collaboration with pacsun this past summer and naturally i had to have at least one of the designs. clearly my issues with moderation carry over to bikinis too. as much as i love black on black on black, i sometimes crave ridiculous colors.

take me back to san diego. thank you.

xo jenny