& written in the stars

top: LF
pants: urban outfitters
scarves: chan luu
jewels: chan luu

oh you know... just shooting new banners for our fall collections. it took us a few minutes to realize that we needed more than two people to achieve the wind blow look. nonetheless, these are a few of my favorite shots that probably won't end up being our banners.

i'm thinking this braided scarf idea is genius. maybe use thinner scarves? the tri-color masterpiece is calling my name...

i'm still on the hunt for an initial necklace... or something else that's customized to moi.

max & chloe - anna bee

max & chloe - danielle stevens

max & chloe - west avenue

it's like my very own dogtag. i need identification too you know!



& i am capable of really anything

dress:monica's on broxton
silky vest:milk
shoes:jeffrey campbell for LF
bag:alexander wang
sunglasses:house of harlow 1960
jewels:chan luu

probs one of my favorite outfits. i really like that green capey silky tank. and the shoes. yes. those limited edition jeffrey campbell for LF. sighh.

fashion's night out is coming up september 8th! it's tradition for me to go to fred segal on melrose but the beverly center seems like it might be a nice alternative. although, i've never tried walking up and down melrose and that might be the best option.

last night was a major success for a lazy day at home. i've not been feeling very motivated to... well... move... but i did manage to ship out all my ebay sales as well as list new stuff!



& 1 2 3 4

one thing
to do
three words
for you
i love you

leggings: david lerner blazer: kaitlyn top: piko jewels: chan luu shoes: steve madden bag: alexander wang sunnies: house of harlow 1960

totally fell off the face of the earth.
sorry! definitely starting to link to all the things i'm wearing. makes it easier to buy :)

tonight's plans include curling up to dane cook's isolated incident that i picked up at target yesterday. must ship out ebay sales as well as list new items and edit blog photos.

the weekend heat kept me frequenting malls. oddly i wasn't in as much of a spending mood and got a few things...

bumble & bumble tonic

chanel nail polish

clinique clarifying lotion

free people cargos

lark & wolff striped tee

free people eyelet top



& chasing pavements

shorts: minkpink top: audrey shoes: jeffrey campbell lita bag: alexander wang necklace: nineties child

got these eye-catching jeffrey campbells at LF's sale on larchmont. i'm kinda maybe sorta obsessed with LF. their current sale is 60% off the entire store. um.... WHAT? yeah. so go.

as for me, japantown later today to comb through japanese magazines searching for Chan Luu. all this hunting has made me realize how much i actually like japanese fashion. i'm slowly but surely becoming more asian.

craving boba again....



& hot n cold

lace slip & tunic: free people socks: urban outfitters jacket: marc jacobs shoes: jeffrey campbell bag: alexander wang jewels: chan luu & lomas
because when you get cold in the summer, you should be able to put on a pair of winter white socks. and no i don't care if i look silly. i liked my socks with my jeffrey campbell clog wedges.

i would really like to go to a concert. watching ads for the vmas makes me want to go to an adele or lady gaga concert.

about to spend the rest of my night listing my clothes on ebay and then a late night run to VT with the best.