fashion's night out 2012 - melrose/weho

skirt: plastic island // top: bycorpus // bag: chanel // shoes: steve madden

photography: nik sarac

pretty much the best FNO i've ever attended. and i've been to every single one. good company. good vibes. also… lots of free godiva x the ace of cakes truffles. that was pretty much the highlight. tragic i know.

pretty much adored my hot pink sheer maxi skirt a la plastic island. doesn't get brighter or pinker. and that made me incredibly happy. one of these years, i'm going to make it to the beverly center celebration.

xo jenny


ring around the rosie

romper: finders keepers

photography: nik sarac

if only i looked half as chic when i was 6 and singing along to this merry children's rhyme. doesn't it have something to do with the bubonic plague? yikes.

xo jenny


chasing a tiger

dress: meghan LA // shoes: wild pair

photography: nik sarac

most girls want to be a princess. i'd rather be a goddess.

this dress, like most things, is far too long for me. somehow that worked in my favor in an attempt to create this flowing-goddessy train. the designer is lesser known which is exactly the way i like it. her pieces usually have a much more gaudy [in a good way] print. thankfully this dress is just an obnoxious shade of green.

xo jenny