happy halloween!

just as a heads up, i dressed up as a midget. simple really. just traded my 6 inch heels for my chucks. i've still always wanted to be waldo... not only because it's only slightly more difficult than my midget costume but also because i'm OBSESSED with waldo. he can't even hide from me. i'm a waldo wizard. not to boast or anything. and now i look like i have nothing better to do than to stuff my face in waldo books. power.

tonight's festivities? friends, movies, and some stealing candy from small children. it's really a preventive measure. i'll eat that twix and take one for the team. you're welcome.

have a SAFE and wonderful halloween!



new logo and halloween shopping

sweater: nasty gal
leggings: david lerner
boots: steven by steve madden
bag: marc by marc jacobs

so the best friend/photographer/extraordinaire designed me a new logo. yay! no more default blogger purple "jenny michelle ly." i loves it!

also, i'm kind of obsessed with shopping online and the habit usually kicks into high gear around holidays. there's always a coupon for an additional discount on sale. so of course, i had to buy a few things...

chaser "we the people" tee

stella valle "ashley" bracelet

soixante neuf hammered ring in gold vermeil

bluelab reversible jeans

sauce "mickey ears" hat

80%20 tessa shoe in taupe diamond print

www.boutiquetoyou.com has an extra 35% off sale.
www.karmaloop.com has 20% off their whole site with free shipping on orders over $50
www.tobi.com has an extra 30% off sale
www.romwe.com has 20% off their entire site

just as an fyi, all these promotions end tomorrow, 10/31. all the codes should be on their main pages.

pumpkin carving was sooo much fun! the food turned out to be pretty good! apparently i'm not the worst defroster ever. oh and marc brought me flowers as friday was also our 5th month together. he doesn't know my favorite flowers so every month is a different bouquet until he gets it right. that's incredibly sweet!

anyhow, have a happy sunday funday and please be safe in whatever shenanigans you plan on getting yourselves into.



do it like a dude

top: lf
suspender corduroys: forever 21
jacket: armani exchange
shoes: urban outfitters
bag: balenciaga

there was a period in time when i definitely thought that i was too boyish. thankfully as i get older, i don't really care anymore. sometimes i actually prefer men's clothing. i love love love their sweatpants and hoodies as they are so perfectly over-sized. it gives me a very petite illusion. unfortunately, i find that i can only really wear their t-shirts in public as the sweatpant and hoodie look gives me a very real image of fat and paunchy. i'm also starting to steal my boyfriend's basketball shorts. they feel so silky! but of course, they end around my ankles. sexy.

for some reason, which i can't pinpoint just yet, this outfit made me feel like a tomboy. maybe it's the slouchy corduroys and suspenders.

tonight is my pumpkin carving party at my apartment. first mini-party my sister and i are hosting. we got so excited with all the food and things. good company. good food. good life.



pleather + clogs

dress: h&m
clogs: jeffrey campbell
bag: balenciaga

i'm not sure if it's the 25% non-vegan/vegetarian in my lashing out, but i'm obsessed with leather. anything with a leather trim, leather detailing, or faux leather and i'm pretty much won over.
so naturally when i saw this piece at h&m, my eyes lit up. like really. and the $24.95 price tag was pretty appealing too. it doesn't have the best fit as you kind of need gisele's tummy and stems for it but it'll do considering i'm not entirely willing to shell out half my paycheck for a real leather one. at some point... maybe. but for now, this will do.

also, seeing as my shoe idol (pretty much) can do no wrong, i had to have these burgundy embellished clogs. i got mine from Nasty Gal but they seem to be sold out now. SUCKASSS. jk. sorry. i did see that he has some more Lady Gaga inspired shoes coming out this December which you can evidently pre-order on here or here.
i just placed my order :)

i need them. like really. badly. like my litas. i will never regret these.



70s style

dress: romwe
shoes: jessica simpson dany
bag: balenciaga
scarf: chan luu

i felt a little "that 70s show" with this dress although i've never watched an episode of this show so i'm not sure how entirely fair it is to compare myself to it. colorblocking has never been a huge like of mine but the faux leather portion of this dress gives it an edge i can't refuse. maybe next time with some black tights and black booties?

the danys are probably one of my favorite shoes. pretty comfortable but impossible to walk in unless you actually know how to walk in heels. for real. many, though i won't name names to save face, take a pretty embarrassing tumble in them. myself not excluded. although my incident was a bit unfair as i was rolling a cart on a very slippery floor. it has nothing to do with my incapability of maneuvering incredibly high heels. or so i hope.

my shoe obsession continues... as i recently ordered:

for mama

and the total bill? with my 25% discount of course... $112. that includes shipping and tax FYI.

check out Make Me Chic. a lot of boutiques get their merchandise from them at a wholesale price and resell for higher. i'm not yet a huge fan of the clothes but if you're looking for some fashionable shoes at a low price, it's perfect! i'd avoid those creepy looking stripper heels though. and that gaudy feather looking one...