& say hello to the girl that i am

You're gonna have to see through my perspective
I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am
And I don't wanna be so damn protected
There must be another way
Cause I believe in taking chances
But who am I to say
What a girl is to do
God, I need some answers

What am I to do with my life
(You will find it out don't worry)
How Am I supposed to know what's right?
(You just got to do it your way)
I can't help the way I feel
But my life has been so overprotected

it pains me to think this outfit used to be fashionable. ew.

sunday night i had a moment and ordered $100 worth of feathers... for my hair! i love feathers and now i can put them in my hair as hair extensions. i'll probably look like i fell into a bird's nest. good. that's the look i'm going for.

next three bags have been narrowed down to alexander wang, YSL, and balenciaga. fuck you chanel. sorry i didn't mean that!

saw the movie unknown with jose tonight. what would have been i guess. it was a pretty good movie considering it seemed like a remade taken. they even managed to get liam neeson! we also went to rock sugar at century city and they had AMAZING food. totally worth the high price/small portion ratio. usually i'm opposed to that but not if the food is a piece of heaven in the city of angels.

today i learned that i know nothing about children's clothing. i went to buy a birthday gift for a two year old and couldn't decide if i was supposed to be at baby gap or gap kids. who the hell knows the difference?? GIFT CARD. thanks.

does anyone know if kidneys are important? mine are not doing so well... poo.





seven for all mankind shorts/house of holland tights/kelsi dagger boots/urban outfitters top & blazer/hammitt bag



*jenny michelle

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