playing pretend

photography: nik sarac

i always wished my parents had enrolled me in more feminine extra-curricular activities.

but wearing those shoes for all of 10 minutes was brutal enough. i'll admire from afar. pointe taken. #seewhatididthere?

xo jenny


crosses, skulls, & palm trees

photography: nik sarac

top: urban outfitters
pants: random boutique
heels: steve madden

it's friday.

honestly never thought i'd wear skulls, leopard, and crosses at all let alone all in the same 'fit. 

just goes to show, justin bieber tells no lie. baby, never say never.

this weekend, party like it's 3012 alright? 

xo jenny


public transport

photography: nik sarac

pants: carmar denim
heels: steve madden
bag: marc by marc jacobs

admittedly, i rarely incorporate red  into my closet; and that's partially subconscious but mostly not by accident. it's not particularly my go-to color. nonetheless, i have an inexplicable attraction to red pants. particularly coated red jeans. 

these are from LF and while they're a pretty penny, they make for a happy jenny. fyi, this is the label that kendall and kylie jenner  just modeled for. a bigger FYI, i liked the line way before then. #justsaying

xo jenny


the last of christmas

started my year off (ok fine, a few days into the year), going to disneyland. as per tradition, i got a new set of minnie ears which makes my total count thus far: 4. but the best thing i got... a premium annual pass! big sis and i are going to make it a point to go every month as a sisterLY day. :) get it? hah.

nancy and i went with our favorite sister duo (minus ourselves) and we made it a sisterly bonding day. amazing company at the happiest place on earth. i finally got my photo with wreck-it-ralph and my favorite giant ice cream cone. #heaven

xo jenny


oversized vests & high slits

photography: nik sarac

skirt: urban outfitters
vest: lf stores
tank: brandy melville
bag: linea pelle

happy new year! sort of. the lunar new year is yet to come.

i finally found my perfectly oversized denim vest, giant studs in tow. it's actually a recycled men's coca cola jacket which actually makes me love it even more. how rugged am i?

also - i've been slightly overly attached to my necklace. i'll try to get a better picture of it in a later post. it's basically a small gold filled coin with my name [jenny] hand stamped on it. i really haven't taken it off since i got it which has been over a month now. i can even shower with it which in my book, is a major bonus.

xo jenny