on location: MGM bathroom

dress: finders keepers
photography: nik sarac

i'm pretty sure the last three images need to be GIF-ed. and yes that dress is too short. but it's vegas. live a little.

nik and i were taking random candids in the bathroom of the MGM. yeah because we're just THAT high class. we discovered how beautiful the lighting is! so bizarre because normally fluorescent does adverse things for you in photos. these were magical lights. i miss vegas. but not going to vegas for work.

xo jenny


top: brandy melville // jacket: armani exchange // jeans: zara
photography: nik sarac

busted out my "vintage" armani exchange jacket. if two years old qualifies as vintage… frankly never wore this jacket when i actually worked at armani. it's a little bit too sporty for my personal taste but if i recall correctly, i got it free of charge so no complaints there. it's actually really comfortable so i'll likely throw it into my rotation more. which means i'll wear it once every six months. deal.

xo jenny


hot hot heat

tee: cvs x nik sarac // shorts: one teaspoon
photography: n. sarac

some things are better in theory. though drenching myself with water in hotter than hot heat was highly appreciated.

also, nik found his calling at a mcdonalds in palm springs. all it took was a pair of scissors and a $5 t-shirt and my vision unfolded right before my eyes; as i happily devoured my three hamburgers. no typo. three. with conviction and intent.

xo jenny


silver fox

dress: forever 21

finally got to cross off a bucket list item.

34. wear aluminum foil in palm springs desert heat.

peachy. although the weather conditions were less than ideal, i think the hot summer heat actually turned my skin the perfect pink to compliment this dress. #justsaying #donttrythisathome

xo jenny


DIY flower crown

dress: for love and lemons // shoes: bakers

photography: nik sarac

kind of obsessed with all things that i can wear as a crown. so i made my own flower crown. it's suuuuper easy and incredibly cheap. basically handpicked the flowers i wanted to use and used glue to secure each flower on a strip of suede. allow for dry time. voila!

new label lust… for love and lemons. too much goodness. not enough closet space to house it all. we'll figure this out.

xo jenny


el paso

top: style stalker // shorts: one teaspoon // sandals: havaianas

photography: nik sarac

random mural in palm springs. not sure why but it gives me an "el paso, tx" feel. not that i've ever been to el paso. or texas for that matter. but if people have preconceived notions of what LA is like, i'm allowed to pass judgement on other cities too.

really couldn't tell you what i was thinking when i packed a long sleeved LEATHER top for palm springs. to say i wanted to cuddle with an ice sculpture would barely describe how uncomfortable i felt in this top.

lesson learned. no long sleeves, no leather.
#checktheweather #seriously #atleastibroughtshorts

xo jenny


paint the desert

top: LF // shorts: DIY // heels: steve madden

photography: nik sarac

lady gaga - highway unicorn

run run with her top down, baby, she flies
run run with the fury of a saint in her eyes.

yes, i am wearing the same top and shoes as the previous post. just more proof that i really like white silk button downs and any pair of shoes that make me look 5'10"… because we all know i can't afford to look shorter.

i discovered that my heat tolerance is unyielding and that sunscreen absorbs into my skin at an inexplicably lightning speed. ahh the beauty of palm springs.

xo jenny