falling stars

necklace: muses & rebels

long before jennifer lawrence really ruined backwards necklaces, i had an affinity for wearing my long necklaces backwards. particularly when i wear low back tops. this falling stars necklace falls absolutely perfectly with the fringe top. 

spring/summer is finally just around the corner. i can't wait to experiment with more low back tops and backwards necklaces.

xo jenny


something for your head

headpiece: UTHA
rings: delia langan
dress: for love & lemons
sweater: abercrombie & fitch

i had the absolute pleasure of working with such a unique brand. UTHA makes amazing headpieces that really resonate a free people - tribal - gypsy - esque vibe. really, i can't accurately describe the piece, which i think is actually a good thing.

check out her store here.

also - i'm obsessed with these thin stacking rings. they are absolutely perfect because i can layer them to look like double floating rings. 

xo jenny


american girl

photography: nik sarac

backpack: sprayground
shoes: nike x liberty london (sold out. sorry!)

this backpack makes me feel super cool. it's actually designed for laptops, and at some point, i will utilize it for that purpose. but for now, i use it as an overnight bag. all the extra pockets (meant for laptop-like things) actually work really well for overnight essentials.

oh and did i mention, sprayground is super popular among celebs.

xo jenny


LA chill

photography: nik sarac

beanie: irismint
clutch: trokm

my obsession with beanies persists... even though LA's winter "chill" was all of 5 days. words can't accurately describe how in love i am with the perfect slouchiness of this beanie. it's handmade from irismint and comes in so many colors. i of course chose bright blue which oddly enough goes with more than you'd think.

i'm equally as excited about my new find. these studded cases have wristlet & crossbody straps that make carrying my beloved possessions, my cell phone, ID, and credit card, that much easier. and look how lethal those spikes are. i could do some serious damage to attackers.




photography: nik sarac

top: neiman marcus x target x tracey reese (did i get it all in there?) 
bracelets: sewsephine 
necklace: deuce

lovely necklace no? anything with spikes and i'm sold. obviously. since every post has something either studded... or spiked. i'm really obsessed with deuce jewelry though. the design is beautiful and jamie, the designer and owner, creates amazing pieces that look like they belong in display cases at anthropologie.

apparently my top is going for $100 on ebay? it was from target... i find that every time target does a collaboration with a designer (or in this case, a department store and designers), i HAVE to have at least one thing from the collection. this dates as far back as the luella bartley collection. remember that?

cheers to the freaking weekend.

xo jenny



photography: nik sarac 
jewelry & shoes: vinca usa

how sick are my cali studs? not to mention my neck tail? yeah.

happy friday!

my eloquence isn't quite at it's best today. i'll try harder next time.

xo jenny


work hard stay humble

photography: nik sarac

name necklace: maki yang 
star necklace & t shirt (muses & rebels): here & here 
iphone case: mantrastyle 
bracelets: sewsephine // muses & rebels
ring: gorjana

as you may, or probably don't know, this weekend is chinese new year. kind of a big deal for my culture. yes i know i identify with my vietnamese side. but fyi, both countries celebrate chinese new year. it's ok. don't beat yourself up.

this past year i've had the pleasure of working with so many great brands and labels and i'm so thankful for all their support. i've always been an accessories girl and i'm absolutely dying over sewsephine's fantastic wrap bracelets that are perfectly priced. basically, buy more. and layer it up.

maki sent me this necklace a few months ago and i have trouble taking it off. it's amazing. and she is simply the sweetest.

i'm a huge believer in eco friendly practices and sustainability so i was stoked when i found mantrastyle. you can even upload your own design! plus grace is the sweetest.

check out these designs. you won't regret it.

and happy freaking chinese new year. may you live long and prosper.

now give me mah money.

xo jenny

ps, the t-shirt in this post will be part of my muses & rebels giveaway. stay tuned!


lost photos

photography: nik sarac

i feel like as i try to clean up my computer's hard drive, i realize how many photos got lost in the shuffle when my blog went on hiatus. well since i've been swamped with work and extra curricular and shooting has been a bit minimal these days, i figured i'd go back into my archives and post what i'll refer to as "the lost photos."

forgive me for my ever changing hair length and color. just as a frame of reference, my hair's lifespan is as follows.
1. long and dark brown
2. long and ombre
3 short and ombre
4. short and dark brown

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! ps, how orgasmic was the DC3 reunion at the super bowl? um. i. died. 


playing pretend

photography: nik sarac

i always wished my parents had enrolled me in more feminine extra-curricular activities.

but wearing those shoes for all of 10 minutes was brutal enough. i'll admire from afar. pointe taken. #seewhatididthere?

xo jenny


crosses, skulls, & palm trees

photography: nik sarac

top: urban outfitters
pants: random boutique
heels: steve madden

it's friday.

honestly never thought i'd wear skulls, leopard, and crosses at all let alone all in the same 'fit. 

just goes to show, justin bieber tells no lie. baby, never say never.

this weekend, party like it's 3012 alright? 

xo jenny


public transport

photography: nik sarac

pants: carmar denim
heels: steve madden
bag: marc by marc jacobs

admittedly, i rarely incorporate red  into my closet; and that's partially subconscious but mostly not by accident. it's not particularly my go-to color. nonetheless, i have an inexplicable attraction to red pants. particularly coated red jeans. 

these are from LF and while they're a pretty penny, they make for a happy jenny. fyi, this is the label that kendall and kylie jenner  just modeled for. a bigger FYI, i liked the line way before then. #justsaying

xo jenny


the last of christmas

started my year off (ok fine, a few days into the year), going to disneyland. as per tradition, i got a new set of minnie ears which makes my total count thus far: 4. but the best thing i got... a premium annual pass! big sis and i are going to make it a point to go every month as a sisterLY day. :) get it? hah.

nancy and i went with our favorite sister duo (minus ourselves) and we made it a sisterly bonding day. amazing company at the happiest place on earth. i finally got my photo with wreck-it-ralph and my favorite giant ice cream cone. #heaven

xo jenny