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the room that i currently have in my apartment that i share with my sister is probably the closest to the theme that i'd love my room to have in general. when i moved out to LA for college, i literally went to target and bought the cheapest thing that served the purpose i needed. thus, my room was filled with heinous bright green plastic rolling drawers and even worse, clear plastic rolling cabinets. today, i'm a bit more able to save up and buy what i really like for my room.

i love ethereal, woodsy, and boho. but i also love simple and clean. mostly light colors. (i tried the black and white scheme and it made me feel blah) oh and i like animal accents. i have a giant cardboard moosehead in my room. and i'm attracted to almost anything from urban and anthro. oh and pillows. i LOVE pillows. why are they so randomly expensive? also, candles. the pretty ones that transform the aroma of their surroundings. mmm. voluspa makes my favorite right now.

i'm on a mission to redo my living room. it's a hodgepodge right now because we don't have a lot of time to really put it together. i'm working on that...

a few inspiration photos: (mostly from the glamourai or tumblr)

and a few things i picked up from urban...


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