vs fashion show 2011

it's that time of year again... the annual victoria's secret fashion show! quite possibly my most look forwarded to fashion show of the year. sorry mr wang. you're second. very quick recap as my ego can't handle too many stunning women on the same page as me...

favorite part? that whole cultural-ethnic inspired segment with alessandra dressed as a spanish fan.

although this show was very effectively made me feel like a chubby troll, it still doesn't beat the first show i ever watched with my angel idols gracing the runway. i miss the era of gisele-tyra-heidi-karolina-adriana-alessandra as the superangels. although my favorite will always be adriana lima. i'm not going to rave about her too much as i'll come off as rather creepy. also, karlie kloss made her VS angel debut. although i do like her as a waif model, i'm not a fan of her or chanel iman as VS angels. they're so... not... curvy... i guess they're a true testament to that miracle push-up bra... nonetheless, please see the below videos for my favorite VS fashion show to date. it's the whole show. my favorite is gisele walking to "i like the way you move" by the bodyrockers. perfect.

for more images from this year's show (and all previous years), go here.


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