oversized chunky sweaters

sweater: random boutique at the topanga mall
shorts: forever 21
shoes: michael kors
bag: balenciaga

there's nothing better than an oversized chunky sweater, (maybe second only to perfectly distressed cut offs). part of the reason why fall fashion is my favorite.

i usually buy sweaters in size large to really get the right effect. i have a mild aversion to fitted sweaters. probably because i look like a sausage link in them but i'm pretty confident most people look like sausage links in them. unless your name is bambi or abbey and you are nothing more than a human shaped sack of skin and bones, fitted sweaters are not very flattering. there are exceptions to be fashionably correct, but very few.

i would provide visuals of heinous fitted sweaters but that might be cruel. google "fitted sweaters" and you'll see the point.

oh and i've been wanting faux leather shorts in tan for a while now and i finally get the original pair i found at forever 21.


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