vegan leather leggings

leggings: h&m
sweater: american eagle
booties: steve madden
bag: jj winters

i've always found that calling something "vegan leather" is really only saying, "this is fake leather but instead of letting you know that it's not the real thing, we're going to call it vegan so we can sound like we care about animals." and yes. i still buy it. although i would still prefer manufacturers just say it like it is and call it faux. really now.

my nights have literally become magazine clipping while catching up on 90210. and by that i mean re-watching all the seasons leading up to the current one. now normally i'd feel as if i wasn't in the loop but there is something incredibly satisfying about being able to watch hours of it with absolutely no commercial breaks. yes yes i could tivo. but then i'd have to wait for 7 full days before the next episode. lame. i have no patience. i am not golden.

oh and although annalynne mccord gets the largest image on all of the dvd covers, (and she's beyond nice. i've met her several times and i love her as a human being), i think jessica lowndes is the most stunning. like hands down. i was going to post her picture but that would make me look uggo.


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