the man in silver

dress: random boutique
shoes: dolce vita
jacket: urban outfitters

so what's a blogger with her photographer? though i started this using a very rudimentary approach, the self-timer on my point and shoot, i've grown to using a SLR camera and enlisted mr. sarac as my official photographer. through doing this as a very much appreciate favor to me, he's developed a much deeper interest in photography as a whole. he's finally starting his blog but be warned, he's very wordy.

his blog is HERE.

judging from reading the first and third entry, i skipped the second naturally as i hate reading, it will be a hodgepodge of everything that goes on in his mind combined with what he's currently working on. oh and did i mention, he's recently revamped his orange t shirt closet with a much sleeker black skinny jeans and casual button downs look? you're welcome, world.

on that note, this has been wordy.



  1. hahahah I love it!!
    Thank you, bo!! You're a fantastic(ally), talented, driven person and even though I have sworn not to write cheesy shit like this for the world to see, I am a better person just by knowing you. <3

  2. i tried to like this comment but evidently only facebook has that option. so by commenting, i am therefore agreeing that i love this comment and you :)


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