christmas tree 2011

dinner with nancy at mcafe... we really like vegan cuisine.
she got the 3 salad combo... kale with spicy peanut sauce, wasabi potato salad, and some kind of tabbouleh?

me dessert was better though. strawberry shortcake.
her rice pudding was a no-no.

the ly apartment's christmas tree is sponsored by target. $60 :)

family photo! with my candy cane socks.

this photo is the epitome of our relationship.


nancy and i walked to m cafe last night for a wonderful dinner. spotted: tarina tarantino with her hubs and brood. my bi bim bop bowl was delicious as always... only after i meticulously removed each and every shitake mushroom and the giant stock of chinese broccoli.

finally put up our 4 feet christmas tree. it's gorg. can't wait to pick secret santas with the group on sunday. happy early thanksgiving! can't wait to go home to palmdale and spend some quality time with the rents.


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