fall flowers

top: uniq
jeans: LF stores
heels: jeffrey campbell
jacket: urban outfitters

i'm a little reluctant to completely let go of one of my favorite seasons... just trying to wear as much of it as possible to make it look like layered fall.

this weekend was a blur as i slept through a good majority of it. nonetheless, i spent most of my weekend with the boyf and even attended my very first manny pacquiao fight which i must say was very enjoyable. though i must say, the highlight of the night was his aunt's spinach dip. i'm pretty sure i could have downed the entire bowl. i have sent him on a mission to confirm whether it's homemade or store bought. i'm hoping the latter as i'm pretty confident i would never be able to replicate it.

also, my fashion idol, in chan luu wraps. :) over lunch, we gabbed about our favorite vegan spots. thanks to my big sister for helping me educate myself in the world of vegan eats.



  1. Isn't that the girl who does FashionToast? How do you two know each other?


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