70s style

dress: romwe
shoes: jessica simpson dany
bag: balenciaga
scarf: chan luu

i felt a little "that 70s show" with this dress although i've never watched an episode of this show so i'm not sure how entirely fair it is to compare myself to it. colorblocking has never been a huge like of mine but the faux leather portion of this dress gives it an edge i can't refuse. maybe next time with some black tights and black booties?

the danys are probably one of my favorite shoes. pretty comfortable but impossible to walk in unless you actually know how to walk in heels. for real. many, though i won't name names to save face, take a pretty embarrassing tumble in them. myself not excluded. although my incident was a bit unfair as i was rolling a cart on a very slippery floor. it has nothing to do with my incapability of maneuvering incredibly high heels. or so i hope.

my shoe obsession continues... as i recently ordered:

for mama

and the total bill? with my 25% discount of course... $112. that includes shipping and tax FYI.

check out Make Me Chic. a lot of boutiques get their merchandise from them at a wholesale price and resell for higher. i'm not yet a huge fan of the clothes but if you're looking for some fashionable shoes at a low price, it's perfect! i'd avoid those creepy looking stripper heels though. and that gaudy feather looking one...



  1. I've seen some of those styles on Topshop and ASOS. Thanks for sharing! :)



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