LA county fair

this past weekend was couples weekend. i spent friday with marc and his siblings and their respective significant others at Halloween Horror Nights. i spent saturday with marc again and randy and lauren. we went to the LA county fair the last weekend it was going on and randomly ran into Jessica Alba and her family. it was very nostalgic of my childhood and the countless hours spent at circus circus on my annual family trip to las vegas. the LA county fair was definitely targeted towards a more suburban crowd. there was a "shopping place" that consisted of a series of booths that were essentially "As Seen on TV" infomercials. and yet i found great pleasure being with great company.

yes we fell for it and bought the pictures we could have easily taken ourselves. probably more centered too.

on the tram! leggo.

naturally, i was the only one who wanted boring cheese.

with our prizes. pikachu was our final win. :)

on the fat shaker... shaking... my fat...

post the imitation log jammer ride. i was very soaked.

the babes with his rat tail

best old school photo strip machine. EVER.

i felt the need to eat something very unhealthy that i can only get at a fair. deep fried kool aid it is! (right)


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