do it like a dude

top: lf
suspender corduroys: forever 21
jacket: armani exchange
shoes: urban outfitters
bag: balenciaga

there was a period in time when i definitely thought that i was too boyish. thankfully as i get older, i don't really care anymore. sometimes i actually prefer men's clothing. i love love love their sweatpants and hoodies as they are so perfectly over-sized. it gives me a very petite illusion. unfortunately, i find that i can only really wear their t-shirts in public as the sweatpant and hoodie look gives me a very real image of fat and paunchy. i'm also starting to steal my boyfriend's basketball shorts. they feel so silky! but of course, they end around my ankles. sexy.

for some reason, which i can't pinpoint just yet, this outfit made me feel like a tomboy. maybe it's the slouchy corduroys and suspenders.

tonight is my pumpkin carving party at my apartment. first mini-party my sister and i are hosting. we got so excited with all the food and things. good company. good food. good life.


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