snakeskin pants

pants & top: romwe
bag: balenciaga
shoes: l.a.m.b.
sunnies: prada

some guy literally drove past me in downtown LA in his shiny infiniti and reversed his vehicle to ask me where i got these pants. my one moment of fame. just kidding.

but really. i love these pants. and yes he did do that. they're actually cotton and SOLD OUT suckasss. but there is a suitable legging version though the material is unknown and one of the reasons i'm so in love with these pants is the easy breezy cotton fabric.

also, anything with cut outs and my heart is won. especially on the sleeves. the sunglasses were 1/2 that i got in vegas on sale. buy one get one free. the other d&g ones are still dormant on my sunglasses tray.

also, it's raining in LA which is a rarity. thank freaking god. and by rain i mean a slight drizzle just enough to mist my hair and make my black car attract even more dirt. awesome.


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