teal and leather


shorts: minkpink
top: romwe
shoes: sam edelman zoyla
bag: jj winters
scarf: chan luu

the weather has been unpleasantly unpredictable in LA these past few days. it went form rain to unbearable heat. and i still haven't learned my lesson after all the "shorts-in-frostbiting-weather" moments. this time, i wore faux leather pants and a knit sweater in blaring heat. the fuhhhh.

anyways, vegas tomorrow! cosmopolitan! the biggest dilemna right now is how many shoes to pack... and definitely what item is going to find its way into my closet. ysl perhaps?

oh and as an FYI, the next 5 months worth of blog posts will most likely feature my balenciaga. just a heads up. it's my baby. (for now)


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