distressed denim vest

countdown to vegas: 2 days.
i've already finished packing. 4 pairs of shoes. 8 outfits. the trip is 4 days. i think i'm good to go. i could use a few more pants though... it seems that i've only packed heels and dresses.

i'd been looking for a denim vest that appeared to have its sleeves cut off for a while. finally found one at the LF sale not too long ago. can't really go wrong with the pleasure doing business wannabe skirt. mine is from ANGL. and of course, the studded litas add every bit of rebel rockstar perfection. thankfully my chanel is as versatile as i payed for it to be.

discovered a website today... www.lastcall.com. i ordered these:

now i'll own a pair of lamb shoes! hopefully they're comfortable...

i've wanted these since i started wearing heels. finally! i'll take these to vegas #2. sadly, they won't be here in time for vegas #1.


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