vegas photo diary #2

just getting to the cosmo! holding our new fancy glasses...

birthday boy's new water bottle. duh.

getting ready for some pooltime sunshine.

whilst at a pit stop in bakersfield, we perused the 99cent store and found these heinous temporary tattoos. tatting ourselves before heading to the pool seemed genius at the time.

gosh the weather was so beautiful...

forum shoppes post swimming

bday boy picked up a fancy black diamond david yurman and got the royal treatment.

still in a daze... $1600 later...

the only thing stopping me was the fact that we were on our way to wicked spoon... only the best buffet ever.

yes. clothing still fits even post buffet.

burn mark still visible. :(

we did not bring space savers to take comforters home. no sir.


anyhow, this coming holiday season, i will be spending another two weekends in vegas. i will most likely be in vegas for new years as well as ms lauren's 21st birthday as well. i'm starting to grow very fond of vegas. not sure if i have a large enough wardrobe to support all these trips though. good thing i have time to stock up my wardrobe. :) definitely went on a small forever 21 shopping spree. some of the things i got:

hooded scarf poncho thing. this image does not do it justice.

what's cropped for regular humans is perfect length for me...

sooooo soft. "suedette"


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