& beautiful disaster

heard the a capella version of this song and it's amazing. reminds me why kelly clarkson will remain my favorite american idol.

i went on a style stalker splurge this weekend. i had to have it all. i love this brand to death. turns out i'm a huge fan of Australian labels. who knew? their pieces are much more creative and unique. i feel like American fashion is mass produced and everything not only looks the same, but is for the most part, incredibly poorly made. don't get me wrong, i love me some forever 21 at times but i for the most part search for more unique pieces. unfortunately, this has a much heftier price tag.

a few of the pieces i bought this weekend:

style stalker - venom maxi

style stalker - addict maxi

style stalker - skeletal dress

style stalker - trustfund dress

style stalker - youth brigade jacket

things i NEED.

style stalker - viper room shorts

style stalker - viper room leggings

style stalker - pierced top

style stalker - mint julep dress

style stalker - casablanca cami

style stalker - addict skater

turns out i will be going to vegas twice in October... turns out it will be two back to back weekends. turns out i'm going to need a lot more pretty clothes than i thought.

good thing i went on a major shopping splurge this past week that includes 8 pairs of shoes... 8 style stalker pieces, a few t shirts, 2 skirts, 1 blazer, 1 sweater, and a dress.

bad thing is i'm going to have to save a lots of moneys for my two vegas trips.

more stuff listed in my store!


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