how to wear a wrap bracelet

as part of our attempt to be more personable, i get to make candid videos for work. this is my first one! in case you don't already know... i work for Chan Luu and she's incredibly famous for her wrap bracelets. some people struggle with how to wrap the bracelet so i made a quick tutorial for work!

i often forget just how loud LA is. i was quickly reminded by the constant and unintentional bleeping of my words.thank you metro!

jacket & leggings: style stalker
top: mink pink
mustache necklace: nineties child
shoes: MIA limited edition - LF

i've always wanted a mustache necklace. this one is fuzzy! i'm pretty obsessed with clothing that's cut out and so forth. hence the jacket and leggings.

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! it's almost october. be afraid.


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