shades of pink and red

sweater & shorts: forever 21
shoes: kelsi dagger
necklace: jewelmint
other jewels: chan luu

hadn't been to forever 21 in forever... no pun intended. i'm rolling my eyes too. but really... the beverly center location remodeled *no news here* and is now a two story store. i browsed through very quickly and managed to pick up these two items as well dark blue corduroy skinny suspender trousers which apparently look ok on me. though corduroy skinny and suspender all in the same product description seem a little skeptical even for someone like me who wears whatever my heart desires normally disregarding the opinions of others.

PS... H&M has an amazing fall collection. i picked up two pairs of faux leather trousers, a turquoise sweater tunic, a hot pink with gold detailing skirt, a pair of suede-like leggings, and a collared scalloped tank. every item was $24.95 or less.


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