pinstripe shorts

because i like to make faces.

tee: james perse
jacket : muubaa
sandals: steve madden
shorts: urban outfitters
bag: amrita singh

some days, i don't feel like wearing heels. especially on the days i know have to do a lot of walking. i've managed to, for the most part, rid my shoe closet of the heels that were designed as torture tools for women's feet. however, some pairs i can't help but keep, whether for sentimental reasons or because they're just that amazing. almost every pair of heels i have now can withstand some serious walking. like to and from the ladies room. i kid.

apparently on this day, i wantd comfort over fashion. baggy white t shirts are my everything and that muubaa jacket has got to be one of my best sample sale buys.

i'm getting a haircut today. it's decided. i need a change and i will not wuss out this time.


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