just realized this post doesn't have a title.

sweater: armani exchange // skirt: lush // heels: steve madden // coat: urban outfitters // bag: balenciaga

photography: nik sarac

i haven't actually taken any blog photos for the new year so these will have to do for now. they were saved from the end of last year. i would have taken photos today but i was instructed to wear unbeautiful clothes as we had to count inventory today.

those steve madden heels have been on my to-buy list for months now but all the stores i visit have always been sold out in my size. finally found them at the beverly center! the coat was a steal at urban outfitters. it makes me feel like a cross between serena van der woodsen and blair waldorf.

i think my "new year's resolution," as i don't really make them... is to try to use more of my purses. i was looking through my collection (slightly doing a cleanse) and there are so many that have never made my blog. same goes with shoes i suppose. though since almost all of my blog photos are taken on my fifteen minute breaks from work, it's a bit difficult to wear more my fancy heels as i might have trouble navigating at work.


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  1. The first and last photos turned out especially well, methinks. :) First photoshoot of the new year tomorrow!!


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