iphone photo editing

one of my favorite things about my iphone, probably my favorite thing in general, is all of the awesome photo editing applications. believe me, if you've ever had a blackberry, it's like switching from paint to photoshop, if even. here are some photos i edited from vegas using my iphone.

all the pretty ladies playing with pink props...

nik and i camping out for the extra comforters. housekeeping tried to pass off extra large towels as down feather comforters. you best bet i made them send us new ones. and to ensure we didn't miss the knocking, nik and i camped out my the door...

someone tried to stab me with a corkscrew. :(

before we dispersed!

song of the moment courtesy of the babes:


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  1. hahahahah <3 the camping out photo. Definition of us.


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