unif velvet lace up shorts

shorts: unif // sweater: forever 21 // suspender tights: house of holland // shoes: jeffrey campbells security platforms

sorry, again, for the amount of photos. every so often, i really can't decide which photos i like best, which is clearly an homage to nik sarac's skill. too bad most of the day was too cold to walk around in shorts and tights, which consequently caused me to spend most of my day nestled beneath my coat.

shorts are from nasty gal and as if being velvet wasn't enough, they have 3 lace ups. initially, i feared looking too risque and then i embraced my more "who the fuck cares" ideology and just went with it.

ps, i hate almost all things zombie but marc got me obsessed with the walking dead and now i can't wait to get home to finish off the first season on netflix. seriously. watch it. if you don't mind the gore.



  1. Aweee Thank you so much, bo!! :)
    I loooooooove this post!! #beautiful #asian #girl


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