sequins, plaid, & faux leather

dress: backstage // plaid: vintage // jacket: h&m // boots: anne klein // bag: balenciaga

photography: nik sarac

meant to wear this dress in vegas but the reality of the situation was, i spent more than half the trip in my pussycat dolls booty shorts. comfort apparently, was key. i really didn't want to waste this dress as i don't see another occasion to be fancy anytime soon. and let's face it, by then i'll probably want a new dress anyways.

plaid over the sequins and a more rugged "leather" jacket turned the dress from night to day. done and done.


ps... photos + modeling was an epic fail for this shoot. nik and i were suffering from our raw diet/cleanse. inability to focus and angle properly were very evident when going through the shots.


  1. Oh my... this shoot really was tragic. The only photos I like are 3 and 4. hahaha

    1. let's just blame it all on kaeng rang and call it a day :)


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