black & blue

jeans & flats: urban outfitters // sweater: random boutique // jacket: ann taylor // bag: henri bendel

still very much in love with these bright blue jeans.
on another note, i know that party planning is not my forte. it is extremely exhausting.

i took on the responsibility of spearheading most of the company's chinese new year party. this meant that i was in charge of food, decorations, setting up, and cleaning up. and oh my gosh. after all was said and done, i suffered a minor headache and severe fatigue.

i would post the pictures from the party but... i might pass out. i'm doing a cleanse at the moment. the photos are mainly of food and i might lick my computer screen. this is day 1 of 3 days and i'm convinced i might not make it. i never realized how much i ate until i had to stop eating everything but raw fruits and vegetables. the pictures will just have to wait.

if i don't post for the next 3 days, please alert the authorities.


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