yes. i went to vegas again. good news is i don't see another trip for a while. bad news is, no more unlimited chocolate covered strawberries from the aria's sky suites.

Asian Nachos
: Crispy Fried Wontons Covered with Chicken in a Sweet-Hot Peanut Sauce. Topped with Wasabi Cream and Melted Cheese...
- Grand Lux Cafe

i've had this slightly odd attachment to light fixtures. maybe it was the whole weekend spent in vegas...

these. were. so. tasty! lmfao taught me "buttery nipple" glad i finally know what it means.

ahi tuna wrap @ ocean one

totally not my norm at all... but i was in the vegas spirit. :) mint mojitos!

LOVE in a variety of languages. never did find vietnamese...

pink chandelier. i died.

i wish i could say i ate these directly after this photo but sadly there was a pretty industrial strength looking glass separating me from these lovely treats :(

the cosmo's bathroom wallpaper. a bit phallic.

lovely lovely in the wraparound suite.

unlimited shirley temples?!? forget the food. keep them coming.

all you can eat sushi for $20!?!? AHHHH. sushi kaya! <3

birthday girly! i was in this dress for a solid 30 minutes. then changed into the below.

i got nicknamed igloo.

photo cred goes to either d or l... not sure. regardless, LOOK HOW PRETTY!

canon quality photos to follow...



  1. The wrap around suite chandelier photo is uber pretty!! <3

  2. Where is that dress from?? Its super cute!

  3. it's alice & olivia. i got it from a boutique in LA. :) thank you!


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