cooking adventures:

as i get older, my desire to learn how to cook grows everyday. the food network has always entranced me but everything seemed so involved and daunting. i want to start cooking items that i actually really want to eat. i find cookbooks don't always have pictures (a huge necessity for me; i eat with my eyes) and usually have a lot of recipes i don't really want to make. so, i'm currently hand picking recipes from some great healthy vegan/lifestyle sites and compiling to form a customized cookbook.

yesterday, i made a few things for my family but this was probably my favorite. the combination of sriracha and swiss cheese melted over oven roasted corn was delightfully tasty.

4 corn on the cobs (is that how you say it?)
1/2 cup of diced swiss cheese
1 T of sriracha
3 cloves of diced garlic
1 T of diced onions
1/2 lime

1. line baking pan with aluminum foil and lay the 4 corn cobs as closely as possible to one another. preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2. squeeze lime juice evenly on corn cobs.
3. mix all other ingredients together in a small bowl.
4. lay the mixture over the corn. try not to let it spill onto the baking sheet as you'll just get burn cheese all around the corn.
5. roast for about 15-18 minutes. let cool and enjoy!



  1. i am craving for CORN now!!!

    you have a lovely blog and i love all the pics!!!

    ♥ Label me ADDICT ♥

    1. Thank you!! :) Checking out your blog now... :)


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