youtube lovin'

two things that are very important to know about me.

1. i am very very (almost too very) interested in what people's closets look like. something about seeing a closet i can only, at the moment, dream about. also, usually gives me organization tips although given my space limitation, there's not much i can really apply to my real life.

2. i love watching fashion/blogger videos on youtube. i can spend hours and hours pouring over styling videos and behind the scenes snippets.

that being said, here are a few of my recently watched and loved videos on youtube.

seriously, i have a crush on her "women love but men hate; i don't give a fuck" mentality on fashion. thank you, man repeller.

andy torres of the style scrapbook. can i have her arty rings?

i know she was edited as the bitch of the city but i still adore her. and i adore her style even more.

and this is very very random. but wtf? i've never seen this??? anyways... i love/hate the kardashians. love that they're real people. hate that they can be so bratty/dumb... like me :)


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