weekend snapshots 12.4.11

mcafe. yumm.

season passes for baby & i!

better fight me for this sugary goodness.

first ride of the day! ninjaaa

babes got me a wolf hat!

probably the one and only time i wasn't able to take down a funnel cake. so big!

yess. love!

lunch with bestie nik
friday - dinner with bigswiss & boyf @ mcafe
saturday - six flags with marc! finally got a chance to ride riddler's and viper. riddler's made me very very nauseous. very. fortunately i have 12 more months of nauseating goodness in store :) then went to topanga mall and ate enough potato corner for 6 people. then picked up those sick boots from urban. along with a pair of grey suede wedge booties. shoes are a basic human right. duh. then kicked it back with my filipino friends. i've never felt so foreign. they speak so much tagalog i feel illterate!
sunday - hung out with bestie! been way too long. watched immortals and through the bloody gore, beautiful golden abbed out bodies emerged. yum. then native goods in culver city followed by my fave, boba milk tea at i <3 boba on western. currently
awaiting my parents and swissy to come home for souplantation dinner. so fat this weekend. love it.


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  1. It was so much fun today!! <3
    We should watch Immortals again when it comes out on DVD and relive the ab-y goodness. :)


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