preppy winter

jeans/sweater: forever 21 blouse: LF coat: H&M booties: sam edelman

photography: nik

to see my photography, see nik's site. i'm still learning the art of photography... all while downloading 7 new iphone photo editors on my lunch break. seriously! the things i can do on my iphone are just a little insanely too convenient.

i bought this silver sweater last year at the forever 21 near my parents' house for $8.99. forever 21 has incredibly low cost items towards the end of the year which i clearly take advantage of. however, it doesn't give me much time to wear the pieces before it becomes weather inappropriate. finally got a chance to whip it out!

layering sweaters and button downs is always a classic. something i never really caught on to til now. trick is... keeping the button down fitted or thin. unless you're going for the apple top look, avoid thick and oversized button downs as your under-piece.

have a happy weekend!


  1. Great tip!
    My dad has been pushing the button-down/sweater trend on me, but I've always looked like an apple. Maybe because I was an apple once... :P

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