final days of 2011

a few momentous events of 2011:

-moved in with big sis, Dr. Ly
-graduated from college with a BS in business admin
-turned 21
-marc albano as of may 28th, 2011
-e-commerce & social media manager at chan luu
-started a weekend dinner ritual with the rents
-started paying my own rent, utilities, internet, phone bill, etc.
-the establishment of the 3Bs. big sis, best friend, boy friend
-extreme advancement of my blog due in large part to best friend nik sarac.

i'm writing this as i wait for my sister to get home so we can celebrate our first new year together in a long time.

last days of 2011:

there's no boba place that compares. half & half.

sushi mac. best cheap sushi ever.

my grandma makes me traditional vietnamese food. i <3

i look forward to these flowers every month. happy 7!

shirley temples at the odyssey restaurant in the SFV for our new years dinner :)

babes loves this.

love the occasional fancy dinner.

never fear floral.

the view of my beautiful SFV.

have a happy and safe new years!


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  1. Aweee Thank you, bo :)
    May the new year bring unprecedented success to you and your blog!! I expect a Tokyo photo diary sometime later this year! ;)


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