& if i ever get the nerve to say "hello" in this cafe

together can never be close enough for me
feel like I am close enough to you
you wear white and I'll wear out the words I love you
and you're beautiful

train - marry me

sooo i've been slightly MIA for the past two weeks. in a nutshell...

-i went to vegas.
-i met some pretty fly filipinos.
-i was very asian. AND i've begun to develop a slightly asian accent.
-i did not get home til 5AM this morning. LATEST i've ever stayed out.
-i never realized i could blush so much.
-i am moving into my new apartment this weekend. woah woah woahhh.
-i have more kidney exams tomorrow morning. wah.
-i told him to fuck off. now to tell 8 more...
-i have slept a total of 12 hours this entire week. i look like death in human form.
-i am letting go of one chapter of my life and embracing a brand new one.
-i love my new friendships. <3






that's life right?

happy easter folks :)


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