six floors above ground

top: urban outfitters // leggings: david lerner // shoes: jeffrey campbell glitter litas via LF // headband: chan luu necklace

photography: nik sarac

fear of heights. not quite conquered. however, i'd be willing to do this shoot again. the lighting is undeniably captivating! i'm pretty sure you can see the fear in my eyes in a few of the shots. nik was spiderman all over that fire escape. i made the mistake of looking down after the first 3 shots. that pretty much killed any kind of cat woman maneuver.

picked up the top from urban outfitters on saturday. one size fits all. perfect. love love love oversized slouchy tees. and of course, david lerner leggings. a personal fave.


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  1. hahaha This was an especially fun shoot! The fear in your eyes is undeniable... but the modeling and photos turned out marvelously!! <3 it. #beautiful


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