vday weekend: disneyland!

we made it!

people kept telling us we were banned.

so many ears! i loved them all!

one of us become unbearably nauseous. one of us.

our lunch at cafe orleans! we're in love with this adorable little restaurant. the food was amazing and if you sit outside, you have a view of the rivers of america.

i clearly have no idea how to use that astro blaster.

way too cute.

autopia! i found it harder to actually try to drive than just letting the car drive itself. i may have made intentional turns in the wrong direction to enhance the bumpiness of the ride.

our bracelets we got in frontierland.

the wait for indiana jones was insane. so we entertained ourselves.

post disneyland dinner at tasty garden in san gabriel. wasn't actually our first choice but i'm glad we didn't end up eating at that jazz cafe in downtown disney.

post disneyland breakfast!

as a marketing & business grad, i'm well aware that valentine's day is nothing more than the romantic version of halloween. combined with christmas. however, doesn't mean you can't take at least one day of the year to truly show how much you love people. not to say that you shouldn't do it everyday. but people get busy and sometimes they need a national economically driven "holiday" to remind us to be thankful for those we really love.


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