& your warm whispers

big sister nancy got me a few things on her last trip to new york... though she did buy me american apparel and schlep it all the way back to LA... you know... because it's not made in downtown LA 2 miles from my office... <3

amongst the trove of goodies, she got me this amazing turquoise headband that has a metal wire in it that you can bend. also... she got me the floral sweater i had been dying to get!

my giant yellow mug was the perfect addition to the turquoise and white (one of my favorite combinations... brought to my attention by the one and only rachel zoe)

floral jumper + headband: american apparel shorts: forever 21 jewels: chan luu

i've been working for the 7th day straight. i won't get a day off til saturday...

all because www.chanluujapan.com is launching in 1 week!!!


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