& i'm coming home

I tried squarespace. Wasn't a huge fan. Mostly didn't like having to pay monies for a service I can otherwise get for free.

So I'm back here. I'm going to change up what I want to blog about.

I'm plagiarizing Julie & Julia and cooking my way through a selfmade cookbook. What exactly does that mean? LOL. Over the past 3 years I've been collecting recipes from magazines and so forth and I've never had the willpower to actually go through and make anything. This time, binder and plastic sheet protectors in hand, I'm collecting recipes of things I truly want to learn how to make. I am far too discouraged by recipes with more ingredients than calories. I'm only going to make what I want to with the right health benefits and minimal ingredients. A few more challenging recipes for my daring days.

Mission: to become a domesticated & obedient wife should i fail in my career and be forced to marry a man that has high expectations of a woman in the kitchen.

Second blog? Ever been to Polyvore? Like that. But I've been snipping magazines since I was 14 and putting outfits together. Then, I glue the clippings down and use (again), sheet protectors, to save my work. I've never really shared the clippings and styling because growing up in a very strict household, my hobby wasn't well received. In high school, I struggled to focus in AP Chemistry class because my mind would wander and dream about loose fit tees over skinny jeans and rugged chucks. I've always beat to my own drum I suppose :)

I guess I'm ready to share my favorite hobby publicly. It's a part of me that no one really knows about.


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