integrity botanicals

i recently got the pleasure to try out a handful of products from integrity botanicals.
"Integrity Botanicals supports brands that contain only healthy, safe, natural and organic ingredients whenever possible." it is so important to make yourself aware of all the harmful ingredients in everyday products but most importantly, the products you use on your face and body.

zum bars - these goat milk's bars left my skin feeling so clean. i'm not normally a fan of bar soap because it leaves this awkward residue. "Goat's milk is naturally ultra-moisturizing, naturally balanced for the skin and naturally homogenized" plus, how pretty are these?

weleda almond facial cream - this cream is incredibly light and has a light almond scent. "Your skin is protected and left feeling soft, supple and smooth." i hate touching my face but after applying this cream, i couldn't get enough of how soft my skin was! a little went a long way. i used it under my foundation and my face was glowing. like a true angel.

organic moroccan argan oil - though this is most used in hair to maintain frizz, my hair hates oil. it gets oily enough after 8 hours of sitting behind my computer screen at work. however, i used this on my hands (and marc's...) and it hydrated without leaving a greasy feeling. marc has especially dry palms and the oil soothed his irritation. "Argan oil neutralizes free radicals, reduces inflammation and protects the skin against harsh environmental factors. Light and non-greasy, this argan oil absorbs easily into skin, giving it a healthy glow without the use of any harmful ingredients." true that.

suki foaming face cleanser - first off, i love lemon. this has lemon. and it's vegan. after using this twice, my face felt like a baby's butt. and smelled like a citrus smoothie. the scrub feels like one of those "i made this at home from a recipe online and now i'm recreating a spa in my bathroom." it's delicate so i don't feel like i'm rubbing daggers on my face.

suki concentrated balancing toner - i dabbed this on after the scrub. it soothed my skin and made it feel refreshed. yes. like a baby's butt. the scent is so light it actually puts me in a good mood. therapy and a facial. two for one.

burnout ocean tested mineral sunscreen - ever since that facialist in santa monica with the you-wouldn't-believe-it-unless-you-saw-it glowing skin urged me to wear sunscreen everyday, i've been doing just that. i had been using neutrogena which was working fine but it sometimes leaves embarrassing white streaks. this sunscreen has a way of making me feel like i own a beachfront property and i'm about to take my morning walk on the water. since this product is pretty much everything-free and vegan, it's naturally scented and literally smells like the ocean. it doesn't leave those weird white streaks and it does it's job. "Enriched with virgin hemp seed oil, aloe vera, and antioxidant vitamins to soothe and rejuvenate sun-damaged skin." Anything with hemp seed oil just sounds amazing.

p.s., you should really try their caribbean body lotion. it smells like the bahamas.


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