diner-saur park

top: american apparel // skirt: angl // shoes: converse // headband: handmade

photography: nik sarac

i'm very convinced that peggy sue's diner-saur park is a crime scene hot spot. there is the most eclectic hodgepodge of random. ducks. a murky pond. strange statues in the form of death. a stage with a broken light. yeah. what's the CSI hotline?

threw together an outfit and naturally i liked it better than most things i wear. felt very free people inspired. i got the headband off a little cart at the mall and it turns out the girl handmakes all of her goods. #sweet.

xo jenny


  1. I love the photos! Your look is indeed very Free People inspired :)

  2. What a cute place is this,
    nice wall art as well!

    You look great, I love
    that headpiece!
    I pretty lol'd at that
    duck with it's funny
    hair ♥


  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! You look gorgeous here & your skirt is perfection! I'm totally in love with it! Gorgeous photos as well! I'll be following you from here on out ;) I hope we could follow one another! K.I.T., hun! xo, Megs


  4. I love this!! Definitely something I'll wear!


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