cat eye in the desert

bikini: victoria's secret // shorts: OGU // sunglasses: 80s purple

photography: nik sarac

i'm super obsessed with sunglasses so i was even more stoked to find this pair from 80's purple. they have a huge selection of under $15 sunglasses. i've been meaning to try cat eye sunglasses but have been very turned off by the higher priced pairs from designers. this pair was only $12. pretty perfect for yet another impromptu desert shoot.

we're getting good at this pulling off the road and making the most of our surroundings. i personally like them better than our planned shoots. here's to another road trip of the unexpected.

xo jenny


  1. you llok so cute! I like your blouse!

  2. Love the sunglasses! Maybe I'll pop over and get them. How wonderful that youre having fun on improptu shoots!

  3. I love your top & the pictures are so nice!
    I'm following you now :)


  4. these are great photos. its been raining here in wales so im soaking up the sun from your pics hehe. you look great xx

  5. Great pictures! Love the top! Like your blog! Thnx for your comment on my blog! I'd love us to become followers! Let me know when you follow me on gfc and bloglovin so I can follow you back!



  6. wow, I love your sunglasses.... you look great !

  7. You look so lovely, I love your tank top. Great photos. x

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  9. $12- amazing find! i love the whole cat eye look too, it's so glamorous and 50s. it reminds me of red lips and long nails.

    and your pictures are so awesome! it looks like a magazine editorial, i love how you faded them out white. awesome post :)


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