photography: nik sarac

top: neiman marcus x target x tracey reese (did i get it all in there?) 
bracelets: sewsephine 
necklace: deuce

lovely necklace no? anything with spikes and i'm sold. obviously. since every post has something either studded... or spiked. i'm really obsessed with deuce jewelry though. the design is beautiful and jamie, the designer and owner, creates amazing pieces that look like they belong in display cases at anthropologie.

apparently my top is going for $100 on ebay? it was from target... i find that every time target does a collaboration with a designer (or in this case, a department store and designers), i HAVE to have at least one thing from the collection. this dates as far back as the luella bartley collection. remember that?

cheers to the freaking weekend.

xo jenny

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